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How to  use your NAS Konjac Pod ?

All our NAS Pods are sent in dry form. 

Before use, soak your POD in warm water until completely immersed. No product is required to be applied to your POD. However, we suggest (if you like) cleanse before using your POD.  Massage your POD in circular motions onto your skin, paying specific attention to any problematic areas. 

How to care for your NAS Konjac Pod ?

Once finished using your POD, rinse under warm water and gently squeeze out any excess dirt and oils.  It is important you do this carefully as you do not want to cause any tearing of the delicate POD. Allow your POD to dry in a well ventilated airy area to allow your POD to dry between uses.

Alternatively you can pop your POD into your beauty fridge.  

Our PODs are all hand made by our NAS Japan Team using pure Japanese Konjac, they have no additives or nasties so the better care you take of your POD the longer it will last. Our PODS will last up to 7+ weeks if cared for correctly. Once your POD begins to completely breakdown and biodegrade, it’s time for a new one. 

We are so incredibly proud to be giving you a product that contains no nasties, that is pure and good for you and the planet. Be good to your delicate PODS and they will be good to you.