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Curated for beauty, body and self care.

Not just a Beauty Brand.
Sustainable beauty – committed to you and our planet.
We’ve been thinking so much about the way we live today and what’s
happening to the world. We’ve also been listening to you about how you want
to tread more lightly – how your deep love for the planet is clear.
In response to this we’re announcing a new era for NAS Complexion.
Our products now focus on ethical, sustainable, eco alternatives..
Our extensive research and development ensures we source only the highest
grade products from the most authentic, sustainable producers across the

The curated offerings include Konjac cleansing pods – unlike most pods on
offer ours are 100% organic Konjac and are not pumped full of cheap
additives such as rubber or gum.

Upgrade your beauty regime.
Experience the difference.
Be Part of our change.

NAS Complexion ~ Simple Indulgences ~ Good for You ~ Good for the Earth