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Smooth that Bod' without tearing it apart!

 Is your Body exfoliator gentle enough for YOUR skin?
Many exfoliators contain synthetic beads or use chemicals which can be too coarse or gritty for your skin and are likely to create micro tears.  You definitely don't want this to happen because micro tears can lead to inflammation and irritation and actually make your skin more prone to dryness!  Not a good thing!


Knowing this we created a super soft and gentle alternative.  Our NASKIN Body PODS are 100% plant based.  They’re made form pure Konjac plant and exfoliate your BODY all over in one simple step.  We want you to achieve a smooth and glowing look without the harshness or irritation of a physical scrub.
Gentle enough to use EVERY DAY - or twice a day which is something we often love to do!


Each of our exfoliating Body PODS have additional super powers
~Wild Mint Body POD is also nourishing & hydrating
~Slate Body POD is also purifying & detoxifying
~Citrus Yuzu Body POD is for those with dry flaky skin
~Cherry Blossom Body POD to brighten & clarify
We're SO proud ALL our PODS are 100% plant based and contain no toxins, no nasties and no microplastics!
NASKIN, good for you ~ good for the earth.