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Does your man give a shit about his skin?

Over the years, I have dated guys with all sorts of skin care rituals, including rituals that consist of using a dove soap bar to do a full wash down cleanse of his entire body🙀. Whilst me standing there watching in horror, applying my many skin promising products thinking about why I can't just wash myself down with a $2 soap bar. Why is it so hard for our partners to get them to look after their skin as much we do. I dream of the days I have my husband home, doing face masks, sipping on rose water and spritzing what's left in the glass full of youth-full supple skin dreams. It just wont ever happen.


Luckily for me (and him), I created NAS and Sam is my test dummy - for all of my products (some still in the making) I have an honest opinion from someone who wants something quick, easy and that has not much thought but gets results. Sam loved The OG Pod (restock coming Monday guys😇) but he wanted a deeper bod clean especially after work. We have both loved Charcoal for all its health benefits. Sam because of the time he caught an extreme gastro bug and me the time I founded a charcoal face mask company with a friend of mine then of course also used charcoal when I caught my first Bali Belly 🤮. The Char Bod Pod has been Sams go to number one shower utensil. So long to that stanky flanny washer and hello antioxidant filled, toxin absorbing lil' bod pod. 

The Char Bod Pod is a natural Konjac pod infused with Charcoal. Charcoal is a natural antioxidant and naturally absorbs toxins. As well as of course gently exfoliating your body, it will help rid of excess oils and dirt, leaving  your bod feeling as plump as ever. 

I use mine on the reg, with my body wash and on it's own. Rinse under warm water until the pod becomes jelly-like, use circular motions to massage over your body until desired (I do this for so long as I really believe it is so important to massage, rub and promote blood flow). Rinse out and hang so the lil' bebe can shrivel up until your next use.