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Paradiso Hair + Scalp

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Custom luxurious blend of pure organic oils to nourish and repair your scalp & hair - infused with Pink Grapefruit & Lemon.

A blend of organic oils including Coconut, Hemp and Argan oils will replenish, restore and bring back moisturise to your scalp while strengthening and boosting hair growth and  shine!

We've bottled this hair oil in our signature luxe violet Miron Glass - which has been since Ancient Egyptian times to store precious substances.

How to Use

Apply 5-6 pumps through hair & apply extra to dry ends.  Massage into your scalp, leave for 10-20 minutes. Wash your hair normally. 


All Organic Ingredients: 

* Coconut Oil

* Hemp Oil

* Avocado Oil

* Argan Oil 

* Sunflower Oil 

* Citrus Paradisi Essential Oil

* Lemon Essential Oil 


Paradiso Hair + Scalp

Paradiso Hair + Scalp